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1 December
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I am an enigma...I haven't even figured myself out yet. I'll have to update this later when I have a clue!

Okay: Clue #1- I am a graphic designer with too much time on my hands. Currently I love writing jakeward stories, but have written HP, Narnia, King Arthur, Troy, Alexander...yeah, some of these are goin' back! I love photo manip! I have discovered a new avenue of Tudor slash (oh my)! If you've never seen the show, you won't understand that King Henry can be very wild...hee-hee. I suggest you check out some vids on internet for sneak peek at this bad boy. It's loosly based on fact but I think they do a great job. I love period pieces anyway. I'm a sucker for costumes and colorful sets...oh and British accents. Yum... So, hopefully I'll come up with clue #2 in the near future. There's got to be more clues to unlocking the key to me...(looking under bed shoving plot bunnies around)... :)